Thursday, April 28, 2011

Let's start with Spring and Summer

I have begun blogging out of my own desire and the request by friends and contemporaries.  I am the go-to-girl for all things style.  Where do I shop? Where do I get my hair done? Where do I work out? How did I get the idea for that outfit?

You get the idea.

Today I am thinking about how glad I am to have a fantastic base of vintage jewlery to get me though the seasons to come. I am not a vintage gal in the traditional sense.  I have more than a few of good and a piece or two of great pieces handed down to me.  Today I am wearing a heavy gold bead chain that I've wrapped twice around my neck that belonged to my grandmother. (I have 2 of them..the designer is unknown) It is the anchor for my outfit of a simple pencil skirt, a Michael Kors top and Prada wedges.  The reason it is the anchor is twofold: it is truly fabulous AND it was a part of my grandma's wardrobe.

These are the small additions that change an outfit into an ensemble without much effort.  Style Sensiblity.

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