Thursday, October 6, 2011

Golden Age

Every season infuses elements of season's past.  Trends that are current always have a hint or an echo of style from day's gone by.  I am all about the seventies and eighties influence in fashion right now.  I wasn't a fan of jumpsuits or color blocking for myself the first time around..maybe because I was too young to be concerned with anything other than riding and all things equestian.  I do remember though, how fond I was of the high necked, ruffled Gunny Sax blouses and gold jewelry my mom wore.  I thought she was so beautiful; she was the poster woman for femininity and grace in her lace blouse with camisole underneath.  With these blouses, my mom wore a pendant gold coin that was encircled by a gold rope setting worn with a gold rope chain.  Think Italian mobster with a big gold necklace, and you aren't far off. 

 She wore this all by itself.  I wear several of them at one time.  I love the chunkiness of these pieces.  I think they are best worn with an off the shoulder blouse in a jewel color or black.  I have also been wearing them with very long, heavy gold chains and large gold hoop earrings...I'm channel Mr.T. 

My mom asked me if I'd like all of her herringbone, v shaped chains as well.  I told her to hold on to them until next fall...I'll be wearing them soon enough and thinking of a Nagel lithograph.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


It seems I have been hearing 'Marimekko' a lot of late.  I was just discussing my sister in law's boyfriend who has several websites and a brick and mortar store that carry large lines of Marimekko: from fabric to dresses and dinnerware. Then I saw a capsule collection from Katy Kane of  vintage Marimekko dresses that are so fantastic. Here are a few  dresses below. They begin with my favorite then are positioned accordingly.

This dress is from 1974 and is $600.00

This dress was a part of a 1979 collection and is $400.00

This dress is circa 1965, it was bought for $500.00

Each of these pieces are from Katy Kane's capsule collection for 1st Dibs.  She has a very evolved collection of vintage pieces, both by period and designer. She also has a great mix of accessories.  I was very impressed that she was able to find then offer several vintage Hermes bags; that is a rarity unless you have the opportunity to scavenger Paris flea markets with regularity.  Katy's website is .  She deserves a look for sure.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Missoni Fall

Here are a few pieces from Missoni's fall collection that I love:

This is quintessential Missoni, uunmistakably so.

This dress and maxi coat are perfect together.  It would be a mistake to separate them.

The dress and coat here are my absolute favorite.  The muted hues clearly echo Missoni and the coat makes this just spectacular.  The length on this dress would be a bit longer on a gal of medium height. 

It's doubtful Denver will have these pieces.  Missoni appeals to a more artistic sensibility.  It is more downtown than uptown.  I'm sure those yummy, hip Brooklyn moms will have a piece or two from this season's collection.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

See Ya, Summer!

Most people have bathing suit anxiety in the spring.  There is a frenetic attempt to get into shape before the pools open and days are long.  It's funny, because I always notice how it is a topic of conversation with both men and women, single and committed.  The conversation goes something like this " Oh my god, I need to be in a swimming suit in 8 weeks! I need a vat of protein powder, pre measured, pre packaged meals and P90X stat!"  Talk of body fat, work out regimens, salads, and whether or not tanning is a possibility are fodder for a lengthy discussion.

Not for me. I think it is much more daunting to think of fitting in into fall clothes.  When the school buses start to be apparent in traffic again and when it's time to retire the gauzy fabrics of summer is when I go into a high panic. The tailored, structured looks of fall really let me know where I am in terms of my blubber to lean ratio.  It is easy to strategically place summer clothes like swimming suits.  They can be hiked up, adjusted.  Skin with a combo of bronzer and self tanner (add some air brushed muscles and contouring for the trifecta) gives the illusion of a body to die for.



Try to wedge yourself into a Elizabeth and James blazer that's in your size, and then realize that during the dog days of summer, the swim ring from the pool has made it to your midsection.  I have nightmares of the 'fat man in a little coat' scene in Black Sheep.  Fall collection pants and skirts are fitted.  Belting is also de rigeur.  Nothing is worse that pulling on your Theory pants this way and that to keep them where they're meant to be or spilling out over the top of a waistband.  Not only is it unattractive, it is also uncomfortable.  These possibilities spur me on in the quest to not embarrass myself.  With all of the beautiful clothes of the best fashion season of the year, they deserve to be worn well.  Swimsuits: I'll see you next year with no hesitation.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Abi Ferrin

I recently bought the Nikki 5 way dress by Abi Ferrin.  Initially, tying the dress was an challenge, to say the least. I tried both versions of off the shoulder.  The look below is one I tried. The problem with it was the extra sleeve didn't hang well at all. It should look like the picture below, but on me it just looked like extra fabric with no where to go.

My next option was the dress worn on both shoulders then tied at the waist, similar to the look below. 

This wasn't ideal, either.  The unfinished sleeve that has the open ends to enable all these variations was part of the problem.  Ultimately, the dress just isn't suited for me. I am fairly petite and the dress just overtook me.  I've seen it look so sexy and  fantastic on tall or even larger gals. It was a bummer, because I do like the edgy 80's throwback feel it has.  There are similar dresses with the same idea.  I think I'll give the others a try.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tiffany Blue

Famed jeweller and luxury goods company Tiffany and Co. is not just the go-to place for bat mitzvahs and graduation presents any more.  They have expanded their line of leathergoods and wow, are some of the pieces fantastic.The glazed croc Pierpont Duffel in Tiffany Blue (below) is my favorite of the collection. It is extremely expensive, as all exotic leathers are. ($11,500)
How beautiful is this? My other favorite is the Ellie clutch that has all the right signs of a Tiffany piece to me; tasteful and not reminiscent of a necklace or bracelet worn by a sophomore in high school. The bow gives this a very high fashion yet lady like feel. It retails for $895.

The bag I am most likely to actually purchase (besides the same crystal hostess gift I give everyone) is the reversible tote below. At $595, I feel like this a bargain..I mean it's like 2 bags in one. It comes in quite a few different color combinations, but I like the Tiffany blue and platinum best.

I think these are the best in a pretty strong collection from veteran design duo Lambertson Truex.  In fact, some bags in this collection remind me of their designs under their own label. There are a few pieces that are in the collection that are a bit matronly, but I understand the need to have included them in the collection. Hopefully, the pieces shown above will help launch Tiffany leathergoods into  the class of relevant, iconic and sought after bag companies.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Fascinator Fabulous

We just can't get enough of looking at pics of the royals.  Here are a few pictures of Princess Eugenie wearing an Alexander McQueen sheath to the fifth day of  the Royal Ascot.  The look was made, though, by the navy fascinator she wore along with matching pumps.  My eyes were drawn up toward the headpiece, and that was a good thing; red can be unforgiving, especially if you're a bit north of a size 2.

Fascinators are in full swing, and not just for brides and hipsters.  They can be worn on the top of the head, as shown on Eugenie.  They are best, and a bit less stuffy (and easier to pull off), when pinned to the back and to the side atop a side swept ponytail or bun. I love these in all feathers with tendrils of hair swirled around or through it. The look below echos a bit of refined class, particularly in a monochromatic color scheme.

They are best suited with a summer weight tailored suit or dress with a trim silhouette.  I envision a dress by Victoria Beckam or Oscar De La Renta.  They will work with suits and dresses from fall collections as well. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dying for Fall

OMG OMG OMG. Fall preview looks have hit Bergdorf''s. I am beside myself because fall collections are my favorite and this year will not disappoint.  The silk dresses by Piazza Sempione and Alberta Feretti are so pretty I will keep my Spanx at the ready....and I'd love to pour myself into the Dior dress.  I am envisioning myself taking up smoking so I can smoke, sit with my legs crossed, wear red lipstick, smoke, and throw my head back while I am laughing. Maybe I'll even throw a dirty Grey Goose martini with bleu cheese olives in the mix.  Anyway, here are a few of my little loves so far.

PIAZZA SEMPIONELong-sleeve boat-neck dress in green/multicolor “Casa” print silk with drawstring waist. Sizes 4–16. Italy. $1,120.

ALBERTA FERRETTIOff-the-shoulder paisley-print dress in taupe/marigold/purple silk with crochet trim and grosgrain tie belt. Sizes 38–46. Italy. $1,395.

DIORFaux wrap-top belted dress in brown Prince of Wales plaid wool/cashmere with pencil skirt. Sizes 36–46. Italy. $3,100

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lucy in Disguise

British singer Lily Allen and sister Sarah Owen have launched a line for their vintage store, Lucy in Disguise.  The diverse line echos looks from Biba, the roaring 20's, and even a bit of disco circa the 1970s.
There is something for everyone in this collection, and it will be a smash. I am loving the celadon dress below.

Here is another favorite, no disco ball required.

It goes on sale next week in the UK and online and will be just a matter of time before it's available here in the states.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Max Mara Resort..Rigaud candle print?

The collections for resort/holiday are out. and here are a few of my favorite pieces from Max Mara's 2011 resort collection. The red shirtdress is lovely. It echos an A line silhouette and and reminds me of a throwback to caftans worn to entertain.  Fabulous! Whoever wears this will seem as though she is gliding along. 

Here are a pair of pants that are cut very smartly.  The waist, thankfully, is cut high enough they will be flattering on most body types.  The wider leg will also help slim the waist and elongate the legs. The blouse pattern reminds me of a Rigaud candle.:)

The dress is below is quintessential Max Mara.  It's neckline and hem length are the understated elegance that Max Mara embodies.  This is my favorite piece in the whole collection.

I am doubtful these will make to Neiman's in Denver, however I am hopeful.  I would love to give this dress a  little try.. We'll see.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mad Hatter

It seems pretty frequently there are flashes of the absurd that make news from the UK.  Princess Beatrice's spiraling headpiece she wore to last month's royal wedding is no exception.  eBay says a bidder has offered $122,000 to own a piece of William and Kate memorabilia.

 The 22-year-old granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II startled commentators with the swirling hat she wore to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  The silk creation by milliner Philip Treacy has been compared to antlers, a pretzel, and a toilet seat, and has been Photoshopped into scores of unlikely scenarios on the Internet.

As silly as the hat is, it isn't half as ridiculous Beatrice's agenda. This wasn't an expression of one's style or aesthetic. She was trying to upstage the event and make her hat the topic of conversation. It was clear that she wanted all eyes on her and even clearer, that although the auction money will go to charity, she is trying milk the last drop out of her exercise in self promotion.

Friday, May 20, 2011

My Favorite

It seems each season I have one or two things that I just adore. Some times they are new things, other times they can be something I've pulled out of what I call "the archives".   For spring and summer, I am mad for 2 sets of necklaces.  One of them is a statement piece that belonged to my grandmother.  It is a sterling silver squash blossom with turquiose. It is similar to the one Tory Burch wore for the T&C cover for September 2010 and the picture below.

 I think it looks the best with a summer weight crewneck sweater or t shirt- long sleeve or short- and a silk scarf.  I think chiffon is best, because the juxtaposition of the delicate scarf paired with the strength of the necklace make it work so perfectly. I love it with pastel colors!

I think it would also be great with a maxi dress (and tanned body) for a sort of bohemian  "rich-hippee" look. Finish this with wedges and bracelets snaked up the arm...with hair done up.  I didn't think I was a maxi dress kind of gal, but I may have just sold myself one. Either way, you can be sure I'll be wearing my necklace alot in the weeks and months to come.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Trickling Down

The inevitable has happened, and wow, was that fast!. The royal dresses have been knocked off and will be available in July. Lord and Taylor is taking preorders at it's flagship Fifth Avenue store.  ABS Allen Schwartz is banking on those brides who are willing to change horses mid race and opt for a different dress than the one they originally planned on wearing for those late summer weddings.  There is going to be a sprint to the finish for sure when the dress actually arrives in the bridal salon at Lord and Taylor as alterations could take weeks.  This especially true if the idea is to be fresh in everyone's minds eye that the bride is donning a royal gown..just like Kate....just like Pippa.

 The version of Kates' dress may actually translate better than the charmeuse sheath Pippa wore.  I like Pippa's dress leaps and bounds better but that is a tough cut to pull off.  Kate's lace dress is better suited to most body types.  That full skirt and nipped in waist will be flattering on most anyone, but, the lace overlay on the torso, shoulders, etc. may not work so well on women that are a little more full figured, so hopefully ladies will keep that in mind.  I doubt it though, when it comes to trying to mimic an idea or ideal, rational thought goes out the window.  

Of course there is a large difference in price.  The lace gown (right) will be $1100 and the draped neck gown (left) will retail at $390.

The price points for these gowns aren't high at all.   I 'm sure this will sell out fast, and when it's actually available without a wait, trying to reenact the moment of being a princess, literally, will be passe'.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Everyone is abuzz about the Marc Jacob's Simone dress.  It is sold out everywhere.  Michelle Obama helped spike sales to be sure.  She has this dress and looks fantastic in it.  Of course this dress came out with the spring collections and it is now May. Nevertheless, some stores have received additional shipments of the dress to supply the demand. Women have been dying to get their hands on the $628.00 piece of the season.  I think it is beautiful, but I think I'll pass on this one.
I am normally a big proponent of designer duds.  I supplement my wardrobe with them as often as I am able. The Simone has been knocked off and I don't have a problem at all with that.  There are many variations that are almost as great. I would buy one of those for a fraction of the cost. Spending that amount of money on something that will be over in the blink of an eye is not smart, in my opinion.  It may be too early to tell, but this is not paralleled to the famed white Halston jumpsuit of the 70's...trendy but very memorable.  Although trendy, a statement piece worth the investment.

 I will take that money and apply it to something with some staying power...and I'll be proud of my decision, in this instance, to wear a knockoff.

Pants on the Ground

The past few days have been cold and rainy and everyone has gone into the closet and gotten out their overcoats and sweaters.  I was standing behind a woman in the elevator today who looked like she picked her coat up from a dirty pile of laundry.  Of course it was wrinkled, but that wasn't the half of it.  The shoulders were too large and the sleeves were too long.  The hardest part for me to ignore, though, was that she had overlooked a very basic part of wearing clothes. She had not removed the stitch from her back vent.  This is a real pet peeve of mine.  It is as basic as removing the tags.

This brings me to another point.  It is so important how your clothes look.  Having a great tailor is key. I had a little lady that I loved, loved, loved.  When she closed up shop and retired, I went into a high panic.  I've found someone who is adequate but couldn't work the magic that women could.  I've reinvented several things beautifully and all to her credit.  If you take care of your clothes, they can last a very long time.

 Too often ladies are wearing pants that are clearly too long: they bag around the ankles and have fray marks on the back where they've been stepped on.  When your are out shopping, be aware of hemlines and lengths.  If the pants are too long, which means they pool on the floor, you will need to get them tailored for the shoes you are planning to wear with them.  If they are going to be worn with heels, they should be hemmed accordingly.  Most of the time, pants for heels cannot be worn with flats. 

Where people get into trouble is buying pants or skirts without taking into account the extra cost of taking them to the tailor. (Or how much a the cost of dry cleaning will be). This cost should be factored in to what you are willing to spend on the garment.  There are times when you you may have lost weight (or gained) and clothes aren't fitting well.  Take into consideration how much the garment is actually worth and what the cost of reworking it will really be.  This can be very expensive, especially when seams are being taken in.  It may not be cost effective to do this, and new clothes may be in order.

In any event, the condition of your clothes is so important.  They must be laundered or dry cleaned and pressed regularly to maintain a long and happy life with them. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

White White White

Spring is here and white clothes are in full swing for the season. Wearing white was actually okay or acceptable a few weeks ago.  Gone are the days of waiting until after labor day to wear white garments.  Many of the old rules are passe' now, and this is one of them.  White is beautiful.  For me, white embodies all spring has to offer:  a symbol of renewal and promise of a fresh start. 

I love white jeans.  I am on the look out for very very skinny white jeans. I love Rock and Republic's version.  I want them to be snug with no flare whatsoever and finish right above the ankle.  Of course they must have some stretch in them..I want to be able to breathe. I think this silhouette is very suited to wear with colorful tunics and flats as well as with platform wedges and heels with a white or light colored t-shirt tucked in and a fantastic belt. 

The key to white jeans and pants is the fit.  They must not be too tight.  They cannot pull across the butt and thighs.  There must be ample room in the waist.  No muffin tops with these guys!   White highlights a multitude of sins, so be careful to really take a close look at the fabric and seams when you are trying them on.  I find that a heavier cotton with a bit of lycra is best. The heavier the weight the material, the less likely seams and pockets will be visible through the pants.  It is also important to wear flesh colored panties under white.  Don't wear white panties under white...they will most likely show through.

White jeans are also great because they can be thrown in the wash at home with a splash of bleach and they look as good as new.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Style Sensibility: Let's start with Spring and Summer

Style Sensibility: Let's start with Spring and Summer: "I have begun blogging out of my own desire and the request by friends and contemporaries. I am the go-to-girl for all things style. Where ..."

Style Sensibility: Style Sensibility: The Star of the Show

Style Sensibility: Style Sensibility: The Star of the Show: "Style Sensibility: The Star of the Show : 'I am an early riser. I like getting up before the rest of the world. It affords me a bit of pea..."

Style Sensibility: Color Sensibility

Style Sensibility: Color Sensibility: "Trends now have an influence of the 80's. If you want to channel your inner Joan Jett, now is the time. Excess and bright (and sometimes br..."

Color Sensibility

Trends now have an influence of the 80's. If  you want to channel your inner Joan Jett, now is the time. Excess and bright (and sometimes brash) color helped define the era. Color was everywhere then. Color is hot now.

Wearing color is like drinking champagne: moderation is key, or the result is a terrific headache.

Color is present where it has been absent for quite a while. It is now in jeans, shoes, dresses and even manicures. I think dresses are the best way to wear a lot of color.  They can be romantic and pretty when they are in a bright pink or yellow.  I think primary colored frocks are cheery.  By and large, colored dresses are pretty flattering. Colored jeans, and other pants, are a different story.  The idea is great but the application doesn't work very often.  Hot jean colors, such as red, can be like a beacon to problem areas.  Red jeans are a commitment. Believe me, those that see you often will remember the last time you wore them.  They leave an impression, and for the most part, I don't think it's a good one. They may look good on a model on Bergdorf's website, but, trying to mimic that look is very tricky. 

Bright color in moderation is fabulous.  I think fuchsia and magenta can be treated as neutrals.  Fuchsia shoes or a top or accessories work very well with all the usual suspects: navy, black, brown,and white.  It is best to limit to the color to one piece and then add a bit of color somewhere else..picked up in a scarf or necklace or bracelet.  I am a big fan of red used in the same way.  I also think a minty green or turquoise can be used to achieve the same affect.

These can change the look of your outfit and bring you up to date without spending piles of money on pieces that will be over before the next season rolls around.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Style Sensibility: The Star of the Show

Style Sensibility: The Star of the Show: "I am an early riser. I like getting up before the rest of the world. It affords me a bit of peace and quiet before the chaos of the day be..."

The Star of the Show

I am an early riser.  I like getting up before the rest of the world.  It affords me a bit of peace and quiet before the chaos of the day begins.  I was especially happy this morning: the royal wedding pageantry and the suspense of seeing Kate's dress was even more reason to be up at 3am.  The wedding was predictably beautiful.  Kate was beauftiful.

Kate's sister, Pippa, stole the show.  She was absolutely breathtaking in a Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen bias cut ivory number.  The ananlysts were saying it was satin, but I'll was a silk charmeuse shealth that was unparalled.  Alexander would've been very proud. 

The beauty of Pippa's dress did have a bit of help.  She has a flawless body.  This is the best foundation one can have to make or break the look. There is no wonder she is one of the most sought after bachlorettes in the UK.

Kate will be getting most of the press today for her lace overlay full skirt princess confection.  She should.  But, in my opinion, Pippa should be right behind her, nipping at her heels.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Let's start with Spring and Summer

I have begun blogging out of my own desire and the request by friends and contemporaries.  I am the go-to-girl for all things style.  Where do I shop? Where do I get my hair done? Where do I work out? How did I get the idea for that outfit?

You get the idea.

Today I am thinking about how glad I am to have a fantastic base of vintage jewlery to get me though the seasons to come. I am not a vintage gal in the traditional sense.  I have more than a few of good and a piece or two of great pieces handed down to me.  Today I am wearing a heavy gold bead chain that I've wrapped twice around my neck that belonged to my grandmother. (I have 2 of them..the designer is unknown) It is the anchor for my outfit of a simple pencil skirt, a Michael Kors top and Prada wedges.  The reason it is the anchor is twofold: it is truly fabulous AND it was a part of my grandma's wardrobe.

These are the small additions that change an outfit into an ensemble without much effort.  Style Sensiblity.