Thursday, March 1, 2012

Norstrom Spring Catalog

On Monday, I received the Spring collections catalog from Norstrom's. It was such a nice surprise.  The Norstrom catalog I usually get reminds me of one Macy's might put out. I thumb through it eager to get to the end.  I not a fan of Michael Kors accessories and watches, Coach (eew) bags and Jessica Simpson shoes, much less looking at and keeping a copy of the catalog to take a peek at some other time. It goes right in the trash. Why waste some of the marketing budget on a spread of their Juniors department called BP or a celebrity shoe line that is in name only?

Catalogs used to embody all that one wished for.  I would dream about the glossy pages of the Neiman's Lookbook when I was younger.  I would try different scenarios in my head of what occasion and where I would wear the beautiful clothes and accessories that adorned the pages.  When the era of the internet came along, catalogs and print media seemed to be a distant memory.  I would still receive a few catalogs, and the Nordstrom Junior-thing was one of them.  Like I said, it went right in the trash. This time was different. the catalog was a fantastic collection of the spring's best from Chanel, Gucci, YSL and my favorite piece, the Jason Wu peplum dress as seen below:

This retails for $3,165.00 so the chance I will be getting this a part of my spring clothes is pretty minimal. Instead, and I look at it longingly and remember how I did the same years ago.  Thank you, Nordstrom, for putting together such a beautiful glimpse of Spring 2012 and thank you, also, for bringing back to me something that was, and is, such a pleasure to look upon. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I think we got this

Almost always my blog is about all things style.  I cover fashion and image; what I think is hot and what's not.  This time, what's been on my mind is style via attitude and leading by example.  Last week, I had a meeting with a senior VP at a large banking group.  I like and respect the president of the company very much and wanted to pitch the possibility of me helping their officers with image and style.  When I met the senior VP, I instantly knew her company just didn't need me. Not because she looked like a million bucks, but because she carried herself like  million bucks.  She warm and down to earth.  She has the gift, like a politician, that makes you feel like you're the only one in the room. I saw how she could get her point across succinctly but in a non threatening way.

Gretchen told me she didn't think they would need any outside help because she said they handle all image and branding of their management in house. She said, "I think we got this".  I couldn't agree more.  This company doesn't use a handbook: they learn by example.  They guide each other and demonstrate professionalism in the day to day.  The practical lessons learned set the tone for who they are, with room to be themselves-the direct anthesis of the very buttoned up UBS (United Bank of Scotland) handbook that spells out everything from personal fragrance selections to what a banker should eat for lunch. At this company, their attitude and professionalism are their image.  It trickels down from the top. The way it should be.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's in the Bag

Last week someone asked me if I had, say, $1000 to spend, what would I buy: a bag or shoes.  I said "I would put it toward a bag, of course". I was aware that I responded with a little "duh" in my tone. I mean, it's a foregone conclusion. A bag always trump shoes. An everyday bag means just that: you can carry it everyday. You can't (or shouldn't) wear the same shoes with every outfit during the week and weekend. The other point to consider is the how quickly they show signs of wear. Shoes by their nature are just going to wear faster.

I have been looking for a new everyday bag for months.  I was on the waiting list at Louis Vuitton for the Medium Monogram Neverfull for what seemed like forever. The day they finally called me to tell it was available, my car was totalled and I couldn't go pick it up.  I think it was divine intervention that saved me from getting the bag it seems every gal has.  I loathe it now. It seems everywhere I look, there's another one.

I am so happy I waited.  The bag I decided on was a Ferragamo Betulla in oxblood. Here it is below in grey, my 2nd choice:

It is available at Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.  I have a few Ferragamo pieces and love them for the quality and timelessness. I know with this bag, I won't look like the masses at the mall on any given Saturday.  This understated and beautiful bag sets the bar high for every other 'everyday' bag. I am glad to own it.