Thursday, March 1, 2012

Norstrom Spring Catalog

On Monday, I received the Spring collections catalog from Norstrom's. It was such a nice surprise.  The Norstrom catalog I usually get reminds me of one Macy's might put out. I thumb through it eager to get to the end.  I not a fan of Michael Kors accessories and watches, Coach (eew) bags and Jessica Simpson shoes, much less looking at and keeping a copy of the catalog to take a peek at some other time. It goes right in the trash. Why waste some of the marketing budget on a spread of their Juniors department called BP or a celebrity shoe line that is in name only?

Catalogs used to embody all that one wished for.  I would dream about the glossy pages of the Neiman's Lookbook when I was younger.  I would try different scenarios in my head of what occasion and where I would wear the beautiful clothes and accessories that adorned the pages.  When the era of the internet came along, catalogs and print media seemed to be a distant memory.  I would still receive a few catalogs, and the Nordstrom Junior-thing was one of them.  Like I said, it went right in the trash. This time was different. the catalog was a fantastic collection of the spring's best from Chanel, Gucci, YSL and my favorite piece, the Jason Wu peplum dress as seen below:

This retails for $3,165.00 so the chance I will be getting this a part of my spring clothes is pretty minimal. Instead, and I look at it longingly and remember how I did the same years ago.  Thank you, Nordstrom, for putting together such a beautiful glimpse of Spring 2012 and thank you, also, for bringing back to me something that was, and is, such a pleasure to look upon. 

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