Friday, July 15, 2011

Tiffany Blue

Famed jeweller and luxury goods company Tiffany and Co. is not just the go-to place for bat mitzvahs and graduation presents any more.  They have expanded their line of leathergoods and wow, are some of the pieces fantastic.The glazed croc Pierpont Duffel in Tiffany Blue (below) is my favorite of the collection. It is extremely expensive, as all exotic leathers are. ($11,500)
How beautiful is this? My other favorite is the Ellie clutch that has all the right signs of a Tiffany piece to me; tasteful and not reminiscent of a necklace or bracelet worn by a sophomore in high school. The bow gives this a very high fashion yet lady like feel. It retails for $895.

The bag I am most likely to actually purchase (besides the same crystal hostess gift I give everyone) is the reversible tote below. At $595, I feel like this a bargain..I mean it's like 2 bags in one. It comes in quite a few different color combinations, but I like the Tiffany blue and platinum best.

I think these are the best in a pretty strong collection from veteran design duo Lambertson Truex.  In fact, some bags in this collection remind me of their designs under their own label. There are a few pieces that are in the collection that are a bit matronly, but I understand the need to have included them in the collection. Hopefully, the pieces shown above will help launch Tiffany leathergoods into  the class of relevant, iconic and sought after bag companies.

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