Friday, July 22, 2011

Abi Ferrin

I recently bought the Nikki 5 way dress by Abi Ferrin.  Initially, tying the dress was an challenge, to say the least. I tried both versions of off the shoulder.  The look below is one I tried. The problem with it was the extra sleeve didn't hang well at all. It should look like the picture below, but on me it just looked like extra fabric with no where to go.

My next option was the dress worn on both shoulders then tied at the waist, similar to the look below. 

This wasn't ideal, either.  The unfinished sleeve that has the open ends to enable all these variations was part of the problem.  Ultimately, the dress just isn't suited for me. I am fairly petite and the dress just overtook me.  I've seen it look so sexy and  fantastic on tall or even larger gals. It was a bummer, because I do like the edgy 80's throwback feel it has.  There are similar dresses with the same idea.  I think I'll give the others a try.

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