Thursday, August 4, 2011

See Ya, Summer!

Most people have bathing suit anxiety in the spring.  There is a frenetic attempt to get into shape before the pools open and days are long.  It's funny, because I always notice how it is a topic of conversation with both men and women, single and committed.  The conversation goes something like this " Oh my god, I need to be in a swimming suit in 8 weeks! I need a vat of protein powder, pre measured, pre packaged meals and P90X stat!"  Talk of body fat, work out regimens, salads, and whether or not tanning is a possibility are fodder for a lengthy discussion.

Not for me. I think it is much more daunting to think of fitting in into fall clothes.  When the school buses start to be apparent in traffic again and when it's time to retire the gauzy fabrics of summer is when I go into a high panic. The tailored, structured looks of fall really let me know where I am in terms of my blubber to lean ratio.  It is easy to strategically place summer clothes like swimming suits.  They can be hiked up, adjusted.  Skin with a combo of bronzer and self tanner (add some air brushed muscles and contouring for the trifecta) gives the illusion of a body to die for.



Try to wedge yourself into a Elizabeth and James blazer that's in your size, and then realize that during the dog days of summer, the swim ring from the pool has made it to your midsection.  I have nightmares of the 'fat man in a little coat' scene in Black Sheep.  Fall collection pants and skirts are fitted.  Belting is also de rigeur.  Nothing is worse that pulling on your Theory pants this way and that to keep them where they're meant to be or spilling out over the top of a waistband.  Not only is it unattractive, it is also uncomfortable.  These possibilities spur me on in the quest to not embarrass myself.  With all of the beautiful clothes of the best fashion season of the year, they deserve to be worn well.  Swimsuits: I'll see you next year with no hesitation.

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