Thursday, September 1, 2011


It seems I have been hearing 'Marimekko' a lot of late.  I was just discussing my sister in law's boyfriend who has several websites and a brick and mortar store that carry large lines of Marimekko: from fabric to dresses and dinnerware. Then I saw a capsule collection from Katy Kane of  vintage Marimekko dresses that are so fantastic. Here are a few  dresses below. They begin with my favorite then are positioned accordingly.

This dress is from 1974 and is $600.00

This dress was a part of a 1979 collection and is $400.00

This dress is circa 1965, it was bought for $500.00

Each of these pieces are from Katy Kane's capsule collection for 1st Dibs.  She has a very evolved collection of vintage pieces, both by period and designer. She also has a great mix of accessories.  I was very impressed that she was able to find then offer several vintage Hermes bags; that is a rarity unless you have the opportunity to scavenger Paris flea markets with regularity.  Katy's website is .  She deserves a look for sure.

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