Thursday, October 6, 2011

Golden Age

Every season infuses elements of season's past.  Trends that are current always have a hint or an echo of style from day's gone by.  I am all about the seventies and eighties influence in fashion right now.  I wasn't a fan of jumpsuits or color blocking for myself the first time around..maybe because I was too young to be concerned with anything other than riding and all things equestian.  I do remember though, how fond I was of the high necked, ruffled Gunny Sax blouses and gold jewelry my mom wore.  I thought she was so beautiful; she was the poster woman for femininity and grace in her lace blouse with camisole underneath.  With these blouses, my mom wore a pendant gold coin that was encircled by a gold rope setting worn with a gold rope chain.  Think Italian mobster with a big gold necklace, and you aren't far off. 

 She wore this all by itself.  I wear several of them at one time.  I love the chunkiness of these pieces.  I think they are best worn with an off the shoulder blouse in a jewel color or black.  I have also been wearing them with very long, heavy gold chains and large gold hoop earrings...I'm channel Mr.T. 

My mom asked me if I'd like all of her herringbone, v shaped chains as well.  I told her to hold on to them until next fall...I'll be wearing them soon enough and thinking of a Nagel lithograph.

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