Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Color Sensibility

Trends now have an influence of the 80's. If  you want to channel your inner Joan Jett, now is the time. Excess and bright (and sometimes brash) color helped define the era. Color was everywhere then. Color is hot now.

Wearing color is like drinking champagne: moderation is key, or the result is a terrific headache.

Color is present where it has been absent for quite a while. It is now in jeans, shoes, dresses and even manicures. I think dresses are the best way to wear a lot of color.  They can be romantic and pretty when they are in a bright pink or yellow.  I think primary colored frocks are cheery.  By and large, colored dresses are pretty flattering. Colored jeans, and other pants, are a different story.  The idea is great but the application doesn't work very often.  Hot jean colors, such as red, can be like a beacon to problem areas.  Red jeans are a commitment. Believe me, those that see you often will remember the last time you wore them.  They leave an impression, and for the most part, I don't think it's a good one. They may look good on a model on Bergdorf's website, but, trying to mimic that look is very tricky. 

Bright color in moderation is fabulous.  I think fuchsia and magenta can be treated as neutrals.  Fuchsia shoes or a top or accessories work very well with all the usual suspects: navy, black, brown,and white.  It is best to limit to the color to one piece and then add a bit of color somewhere else..picked up in a scarf or necklace or bracelet.  I am a big fan of red used in the same way.  I also think a minty green or turquoise can be used to achieve the same affect.

These can change the look of your outfit and bring you up to date without spending piles of money on pieces that will be over before the next season rolls around.

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