Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Trickling Down

The inevitable has happened, and wow, was that fast!. The royal dresses have been knocked off and will be available in July. Lord and Taylor is taking preorders at it's flagship Fifth Avenue store.  ABS Allen Schwartz is banking on those brides who are willing to change horses mid race and opt for a different dress than the one they originally planned on wearing for those late summer weddings.  There is going to be a sprint to the finish for sure when the dress actually arrives in the bridal salon at Lord and Taylor as alterations could take weeks.  This especially true if the idea is to be fresh in everyone's minds eye that the bride is donning a royal gown..just like Kate....just like Pippa.

 The version of Kates' dress may actually translate better than the charmeuse sheath Pippa wore.  I like Pippa's dress leaps and bounds better but that is a tough cut to pull off.  Kate's lace dress is better suited to most body types.  That full skirt and nipped in waist will be flattering on most anyone, but, the lace overlay on the torso, shoulders, etc. may not work so well on women that are a little more full figured, so hopefully ladies will keep that in mind.  I doubt it though, when it comes to trying to mimic an idea or ideal, rational thought goes out the window.  

Of course there is a large difference in price.  The lace gown (right) will be $1100 and the draped neck gown (left) will retail at $390.

The price points for these gowns aren't high at all.   I 'm sure this will sell out fast, and when it's actually available without a wait, trying to reenact the moment of being a princess, literally, will be passe'.

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