Monday, May 9, 2011

White White White

Spring is here and white clothes are in full swing for the season. Wearing white was actually okay or acceptable a few weeks ago.  Gone are the days of waiting until after labor day to wear white garments.  Many of the old rules are passe' now, and this is one of them.  White is beautiful.  For me, white embodies all spring has to offer:  a symbol of renewal and promise of a fresh start. 

I love white jeans.  I am on the look out for very very skinny white jeans. I love Rock and Republic's version.  I want them to be snug with no flare whatsoever and finish right above the ankle.  Of course they must have some stretch in them..I want to be able to breathe. I think this silhouette is very suited to wear with colorful tunics and flats as well as with platform wedges and heels with a white or light colored t-shirt tucked in and a fantastic belt. 

The key to white jeans and pants is the fit.  They must not be too tight.  They cannot pull across the butt and thighs.  There must be ample room in the waist.  No muffin tops with these guys!   White highlights a multitude of sins, so be careful to really take a close look at the fabric and seams when you are trying them on.  I find that a heavier cotton with a bit of lycra is best. The heavier the weight the material, the less likely seams and pockets will be visible through the pants.  It is also important to wear flesh colored panties under white.  Don't wear white panties under white...they will most likely show through.

White jeans are also great because they can be thrown in the wash at home with a splash of bleach and they look as good as new.

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